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Kids shop with Mukilteo cops – and firefighters

Mukilteo police officers – and firefighters – went Christmas shopping on Dec. 21 with 15 deserving local children during the annual Shop with a Cop event.

Mukiteo Officer Colt Davis shops with Ashleigh Nelson during the annual Shop with a Cop event.

The children were nominated by their schools to participate in this event, which gives each child $100 to buy gifts for themselves and their families. Students from Endeavour, Mukilteo and Columbia elementaries, in addition to Olympic View and Harbour Pointe Middle schools went shopping.

This year’s Shop with a Cop was made possible thanks to a $1,500 donation from Kurt W.F. Rumens, president of the Mukilteo-based Travis Industries.

“With a lack of funds on our own end, we were looking at forgoing theevent this year until I got a call from Kurt,” said Cheol Kang, spokesperson for the Mukilteo Police Department.  “He asked how he could help out with gettinggifts to kids.”

The children and their families were treated to a lunch provided by Tony McNulty, owner of the local Papa Murphy’s Pizza.



Kids, cops and Christmas

Normally police sirens mean anything but Christmas cheer, Santa’s coming or joyous anything. Hardly ever ho, ho, ho. But Christmas cheer it was Saturday in Weber and Davis counties as police officers took underprivileged kids shopping.

(ANTHONY SOUFFLE/Standard-Examiner) After arriving in a helicopter, Santa waves to children during the annual Shop with a Cop event at the Walmart in Riverdale.Image 2 of 2

In Roy, 45 patrol cars fired up lights and sirens around 6 a.m. to take their charges to the Walmart in Riverdale for a shopping binge after finishing breakfast at the Village Inn in Roy.

In Davis County, it was nearly 50 police cars, paramedics, highway patrol and sheriff cars, all with lights flashing and sirens blaring as they drove along Parrish Lane in Centerville en route to Walmart from breakfast at Texas Roadhouse.

Each patrol car carried elementary school-age children participating in the Shop With a Cop program sponsored by the Davis County Fraternal Order of Police.’


‘Shop With Cops’ called a triumph

Economic downturn odds were against them, but Ardmore’s Fraternal Order of Police triumphed Thursday and Friday when the annual “Shop With Cops” program surpassed expectations.

“This year’s ‘Shop With Cops’ was a success,” said Officer Barry Antwine, FOP Vice President.

“The time and effort put in by the FOP members is immeasurable. It was a long, hard and stressful year trying to make sure that this program continued to be a success.”

Every year, the local FOP’s “Shop With Cops” program is aimed at making sure Christmas wishes come true for needy children who will not be served by other agencies providing holiday gifts.

Every child selected for the program receives $100, a ride in a police car, with lights flashing and sirens wailing, to a local store and the opportunity to shop with a cop.


Gone shopping

Police officers roamed the Walmart aisles Saturday with volunteers and lots of children in tow.

The first shopping day for the annual “Shop With a Cop” program went off without a hitch.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 29, representing East Liverpool police officers, spearheaded the local program that helps make the holiday season a little more special for some of the area children. The program is in its 11th year.

“The kids are having a lot of fun, that’s for sure,” Capt. John Lane said while searching the clothing section. Lane organized this year’s shopping event.

The policemen and volunteers were having just as much fun as the kids.

“Every kids knows where the toy section is,” Lane noted.


Durant police department looking forward to first annual Shop with a Cop

The Durant Police Department is not only there to protect citizens of Durant, but they also want the community to know they are there to serve. And with the tough economic situation, they are hoping to make a difference, one family at a time.
The Durant Police Department will hold their first annual Shop with a Cop later this month where they will take a family shopping for Christmas.
Residents and other members of the community can nominate a family, whom they think needs the most help.
The department said they are hoping to provide families with not only the things they need at home, but also hope to establish mentors relationships within the community.


‘Shop with a Cop’ in Covington brings police and smiling kids together in the spirit of Christmas

Make sure you take the time to look at the Flickr photo stream. I love to see the joy on the faces of the children…and the officers, too.


Cops and smiling kids filled the aisles at the Covington Walmart Saturday, Dec. 11, during the Shop with a Cop event.

The program is designed to help children buy up to $50 of gifts. The event is for youths and families that would not otherwise have the means to buy Christmas presents for themselves or family members.


Police brighten holiday for needy kids

Two small girls with big brown eyes stand on their tip toes and peer into a shopping cart. The cart holds all they hope or can expect to receive for Christmas.

It holds “Lulu,” a big white cat. Press her paw and she rolls over lets you rub her tummy, says Lulu’s soon-to-be owner, Kaitlyn Kane, 7.

It holds “Go-Go,” a fluffy white puppy who will soon “walk” into the arms of Brooke Kane, 5.

The cart holds new shoes, a new pair of little-girl jeans with a gold sash for a belt, and it holds a “Little Street” pet shop.

The sisters from Round Lake Beach were among 61 lucky children who were treated to night of power shopping in the Round Lake Beach Police Department’s annual Shop With a Cop event.

The Kane sisters and their fellow shoppers were chauffeured by police squad to Wal-Mart, 2680 Route 83, Round Lake Beach, where police officers led expeditions through toy aisles and beyond.