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Cops thank Florida City man for saving coworker’s life

On the morning of March 4, 2009, Jeff Porter was working in the hardware department at the Florida City Wal-Mart when he heard co-worker Shenel Gibbs being yelled at by her boyfriend two aisles away. He saw the boyfriend grab her arm and shake it.

But he didn’t expect what happened next.

The man pulled out a gun and shot her seven times in the thigh, torso and buttocks.


Blue Badge of Courage: Top Five Most Heroic Police Moments

Since I can never get the stupid Word Press instructions for YouTube to work, you’ll have to view the video here…

Police ceremony honors new and promoted officers

Falmouth – If the words, the handshakes or the rounds of applause didn’t get the message across, it was spelled out quite clearly on a sheet cake bearing the Falmouth Police Department logo and a sea of white frosting: “Congratulations and Welcome.”

Ooooooo, cake! and the rest of the story here….