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4 new Indiana State Police troopers begin to learn local roads

Four new faces reported for duty Saturday at the Indiana State Police Lafayette Post.

For the next 14 weeks, the men, who graduated from the 72nd Indiana State Police Recruit Academy on Dec. 21, will ride with field training officers and get acquainted with their assigned counties.

Once they graduate, each trooper has to spend at least a year on the road, Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley said. When their probationary period is completed, they can be sent to another district.



Indiana State Police trooper tells story of survival

It has been three weeks since tornadoes struck much of southern Indiana, and we’re still hearing incredible stories of survival.

Indiana State Trooper Martin Wimp’s house collapsed on him during those March 2nd storms.  Just before the tornado struck, he says, “I knew something wasn’t right, so I headed towards the basement, opened the basement door, that’s when one of the windows came down around me.  And the next thing I know, I woke up laying on top of a window-unit air conditioner, and had a 60-foot maple tree laying on top of me.”


State Trooper hailed as hero for saving Canal shooting victim’s life

When six shots were fired in the vicinity of the downtown canal March 17th, striking five children, crowds of young people ran away. Indiana State Police sergeant Joe Goodhew ran in.

“Its somewhat chaotic. There’s maybe 50 to 100 kids all running this direction, yelling, screaming,” he recalls.

When Goodhew arrived, he found a wounded 16-year-old girl and a trail of blood 15 feet long.

“When I saw her here and I saw the amount of blood that was on the ground, I knew she was in bad shape,” said Goodhew, standing on the sidewalk alongside the canal. “Her left leg…there was like a spray like you would have if you had a hole in a garden hose of blood just spraying out.”


Indiana State Trooper on dinner break saves choking woman

An Indiana State Trooper on his dinner break was at the right place at the right time to save a woman’s life.

Trooper Gary Runde was at a Crown Point restaurant when Katrina Wright, 36, of Lowell began choking around 7:10 p.m. Sunday.

As Runde approached, Wright placed her hands around her throat and nodded yes when asked if she was choking, according to a release from the state police.


Wyoming man, choking on pork chop, saved by state troopers

A Wyoming man choking on a pork chop was saved by two Indiana State Police troopers Monday evening, according to the agency.

The two troopers were taking a break at a Griffith restaurant about 8 p.m. and found Daniel Mulholland, 55, unresponsive and slumped over after a woman near them started screaming.




Indiana State Police trooper feels fortunate to be back on the job after interstate crash

If anything other than a little Toyota would’ve slammed into the back of Senior Trooper Don White’s squad car on the interstate Thursday afternoon, the 13-year Indiana State Police veteran said he might not have been back in uniform for a while.

Instead, White says he feels fortunate that he only suffered minor injuries in the collision. He was treated for pain to his neck and lower back and released Thursday evening from Ball Memorial Hospital, returning to his shift Friday morning.

“I can tell you 100 percent that if it were a larger vehicle that had hit me, it may very well have been a worse scenario,” White said. “I pretty much dodged a bullet.”


K-9 course fulfills dream

Ever since Indiana State Trooper Mike Carroll entered law enforcement eight years ago, he wanted to be a K-9 officer.

Those dreams turned to reality Friday morning when he graduated from a 14-week K-9 training course with his new partner, Deezle, an 18-month-old German shepherd.

“I’ve looked forward to it since starting my law enforcement career,” Carroll said.

Getting there wasn’t easy.

Carroll’s career started with four years at the Kendallville Police Department, where there were no openings for the K-9 program.

As a state trooper, he spent more than three months raising money for the program, but he wasn’t selected as the next trooper to be a K-9 officer.

But without the fundraising, he never would have become the department’s 31st K-9 officer.

“This is not tax-funded. It’s funded all by donations; … we don’t start off in the red,” Carroll said.