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Sheriff’s Office training security guards to boost Harris force

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has trained the first of what he expects will be hundreds of private security guards who have signed up to help deputies apprehend wanted suspects, secure crime scenes and search for missing persons.

But officials with the county’s largest deputy’s union are slamming the partnership’s effectiveness and questioning whether Harris County could face legal liability for possible misconduct by the private security guards because of the training.



Two Redwood City firefighters, two police officers honored

Two Redwood City firefighters and two police officers were honored for their heroism and outstanding service by a local community group, a city official announced.

The Peninsula Council of Lions Club presented police Officer Perry Garcia with the service award at the 46th annual Police and Firefighter Awards Banquet on April 1.

Garcia, a volunteer instructor for the police activities league’s karate program, volunteered more than 2,400 hours and helped mentor over 700 at-risk youth during his 11-year tenure, officials said.

Police Officer Ryan Adler was also nominated for a heroism award for his part in saving the life of a 9-year-old child on April 14, 2010. He responded to a report of a child who was choking, administered the Heimlich maneuver, and restored the child’s breathing.


SWAT teams get fired up in competition

Several gunshots echoed through the field as a sniper with Brownsville police eliminated each target down range to provide a clear path for his teammates.

Once the signal was given, three officers wearing tactical gear sprinted across the field with their assault rifles to eliminate the remaining targets. After all the targets were hit, the men headed back toward the start-finish line while having to clear a set of obstacles.

After reaching the finish, the men breathed a sigh of relief as they checked their time and waited for the next team to compete during the first Rio Grande Valley SWAT Team Competition.

According to Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia, the event is a friendly competition among tactical teams to help them network and bond.

SWAT refers to special weapons and tactics, a unit of highly trained police officers that are called to handle high-risk situations.

Garcia hopes the event becomes a yearly competition and allows for closer relations among the area’s police departments.


Harris sheriff starts initiative to halt DWIs

Harris County ranks No. 1 among the nation’s top 10 largest counties with the most alcohol-related traffic fatalities. It’s a title that Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia says he wants to relinquish.

Garcia announced on Thursday a comprehensive, multi-agency initiative called Operation Shared Responsibility that will combine enforcement and public education to reduce drunken driving. The countywide initiative will kick off Saturday in northwest Harris County, where patrol officers will focus solely on DWI or alcohol-related offenses. Officers will target specific, unannounced areas during the next eights weeks, he said.

“Alcohol-related accidents are claiming more lives in Harris County than anywhere else in the country,” Garcia said at the department’s northwest substation in Tomball. “I’m asking the public and the community partners to share the responsibility to put an end to this body count.”


Injured Cape Coral Police officer a walking miracle

A Cape Coral Police Officer makes his first public appearance tonight 8 months after a serious motorcycle accident nearly took his life. Last June, Damien Garcia was riding is patrol motorcycle when an SUV pulled out in front of him, leaving him with serious head injuries. Doctors weren’t sure he going to survive. Saturday night, Garcia was a walking miracle at the Gene Griffin Memorial Football Game at Ida Baker High School.

The game is an annual charity event between the Fort Myers and Cape Coral police and firefighters. While Damien Garcia would rather have been playing alongside his fellow officers, tonight, he played a different position, doing the honorary coin toss and getting the loudest cheers of the night.

Slow and steady, 26 year old Damien Garcia walks with the help of his fiance. 8 months ago, he was in and out of a coma, and couldn’t walk or breathe on his own. The last thing doctors imagined he’d he doing is walking more than 50 yards across a football field. But Saturday night, he did just that, giving players and the crowd a true lesson in courage.

“To see him out here walking after all reports, going through a coma, and coming out of it, wheelchair, physical therapy and to see him take steps out here and actually wave at people do the coin toss, it was such an inspiration to all of us out here,” Brad Dickerson of the Fort Myers Police said.

Although Garcia was too tired to speak, his footsteps alone spoke volumes. “Never give up, never never never say never,” said Erik Chudzik of the Cape Coral Fire Department. “It was so bleak for him and it has been for other people but you never give up. Never stop fighting.”

“We know where the credit goes, this is a God thing, and the blessings from prayers that were given, here we are today. It is a miracle,” Cape Coral Police Chief Rob Petrovich said.

While Garcia may not have been tackling and throwing the football, Saturday night, he can definitely take credit for a touchdown or two. “We’re definitely out here with a little extra to go from Damien,” Chudzik said.

The final score of the night was Police: 7, Firefighters: 6, but it was pretty obvious from talking to players, whether their uniforms were red or blue, they were all playing for the same person.

By Haley Hinds


Parade Magazine’s 2009 TOP COPS

Officer Pedro (Pete) Garcia, 2009 Officer of the Year

Officer Pedro (Pete) Garcia, 2009 Officer of the Year

See all Top Police Officers here or in today’s Parade Magazine

Heroic rescue under gunfire earns SA Policeman “Officer of the Year” honors

For the first time in San Antonio’s history, a San Antonio Police Department officer was named “Officer of the Year by Parade magazine, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. officerpetegarcia_officeroftheyear

The national award came after Officer Pete Garcia risked his life to help save the lives of two other officers.

Those who know him say humble, hard working, and quiet are three of the words they would use to describe Officer Garcia.

“It really is a great honor to receive the award,” Officer Garcia told News 4 WOAI. “And it’s another honor to represent the San Antonio Police Department.”

Officer Lawrence Robarts and Officer Brandy Roell went to serve a warrant on Andres Vargas at his home on Redstart Dr. back in Sept. 2008. Investigators say when they got inside the home to confront Vargas, he opened fire on them. Officer Robarts was hit three times but was able to get himself out of the house and was rescued by other officers. However, Officer Roell was shot in the back and was unable to escape the home. Officer Pete Garcia went in to help her.

“Once he got inside, he grabbed Officer Roell, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and, still under fire and returning fire, he made his way to the house, retreating from the house, and made his way to safety,” explained San Antonio Police Department Chief Bill McManus.

Officer Garcia went back to the house until more help could arrive. Andres Vargas ended up taking his own life several hours later.

“The award is given to me, but I think it was a team effort out there, that day in September,” Officer Garcia said.

It is a day most people would say the 6-year veteran went above and beyond the call.

“I really wasn’t thinking anything,” added Officer Garcia. “It went from knowing that we had to get those officers out, to just doing it.”

Officer Garcia will be getting his award next week in Denver, Colorado.

The two officers are still recovering from their injuries. The Parade magazine featuring Officer Garcia should be hitting store shelves the weekend of Oct. 3-4.