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Welcome to Positive LEO, where we share positive, lighthearted and inspirational stories about law enforcement officers.  We welcome your comments.

If you know of any news story or LEO site that exemplifies the Positive Leo attitude, please send it to us for posting. Thanks!


Email: positiveleoATgmail.com


  1. Tri-State Troopers says:

    It’s so refreshing to see positive stories for a change! Thank you for your efforts!
    Angela Tullo
    Tri-State Troopers Fund, Inc.

  2. Jason Melton says:

    I was surprised to see my story when it first came out. When I found it here on this site, I was proud to find this site. I will continue to look here and find positive things about my brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thanks, Angela.

    And Officer Melton? Thanks for all YOU do:)

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thank, Aorora!

  5. Thanks for maintaining and presenting a positive attitude and light for a profession that is oftentimes “in the dark” in any number of ways. Please consider adding http://www.CoveredLawEnforcement.org to your list of positive blogs. It is a faith-based approach to LE and meeting the critical core needs that are experienced by LEO’s and their families.

  6. Thank you! It is awesome to see someone else show compassion and respect to LEO’s! I am greatful! Please do not forget my love THE K9 UNITS!

  7. skinbycarrielorrain says:

    Thank you for all you do!! I love reading the positive stories of men and women who protect us daily! I was married to navy for over 15 years so I know somewhat how difficult the job is.. keep posting the happy memories and encouragement. 🙂 ~ Carrie

  8. Thanks Positive LEO for sharing the vision for the good of the profession. Enjoy your message. I’d appreciate you checking my blog site for similarly encouraging messages for the good of the order. Thank you and God bless, Scott

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