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Police Officer of the Year’s Heroics Caught on Dashcam

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A Pennsylvania State Trooper has received one of the highest awards in law enforcement for the actions he took to stop a man who launched a deadly rampage last December, and ABC News has exclusively obtained the unedited footage from the dash-cam that was installed in the trooper’s police cruiser.

It’s a rare glimpse into the moments when police engage an active shooter, and put their own lives on the line to potentially save others.

On the morning of Dec. 21, 2012, an unemployed, former trucker allegedly walked into a church in Frankstown Township, Pa., and opened fire on a woman decorating the building’s walls for a children’s Christmas party. The man, Jeffrey Lee Michael, then allegedly killed two others away from the church.




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  1. dashcams says:

    Hi, just came across this article by chance. The dashcam video attached to the link does not work, but having read the story I’m glad both officers were okay. The officer well and truly deserved the recognition for his act of bravery in confronting a dangerous and volatile situation.

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