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Thames Valley Police issue 300 of Reveal Media’s RS3-SX cameras

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Following a comprehensive focus group which re-evaluated previously used body worn cameras, Thames Valley Police concluded that Reveal Media’s RS3-SX camera was “lighter, smaller and simpler to use”. In the wake of this evaluation, a brief testing period in Slough will pave the way for the new RS3-SX cameras to be rolled out to 300 police men and women.

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service, welcomed the use of the new cameras enthusiastically stating “the benefits of the cameras are vast”. Ubhey then began to list some of the ways body worn video has proven to be beneficial in more than half of the UK’s Police forces:

·         “They discourage unruly behaviour during arrests,

·         Protect officers and the public,

·         Rule out issues of offender identification,

·         Provide indisputable evidence,

·         Assist the CPS when making charging decisions and prosecuting cases at court.”

Reveal Media’s cameras in particular were identified as being able to “free up officers time as new software will allow images and footage to be downloaded quickly compared to the old system which downloaded footage and burned to DVD in ‘real-time’.”

The RS3-SX will be used in a number of situations including Policing the night time economy, domestic violence incidents and anti-social behaviour.


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