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Another Shining Example of a ‘PositiveLEO’!

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Thanks for sending, Emily!
Last Wednesday, 9/26/12, I was driving home from college. My gas tank light had be empty for two days, and I was just trying to make it to the gas station to put some gas into it finally. I didn’t make it to the gas station, no where even close and I couldn’t call anyone for help because both of my parents were out of time. The next thing I saw was the iconic navy blue NYS Trooper patrol car on the other side of the highway and I jumped and waved for the officer, but they kept driving. I was about ready to start walking when I saw the lights and Trooper Castalioni pulled in behind me. I could not have asked for a nicer trooper to have helped me that day. After having a terrible day and confiding in this man all my problems, he calmed me down and gave me a friendly smile. He told me to hop into his car, and he took me to the closest gas station to get a gas can and some gas. He was the absolute nicest police officer I have ever met! He turned up the radio a bit and we listened to Selena Gomez, and he asked me a few normal questions. He saw how much I liked his car and told me about all the bells and whistles of the NYS Trooper patrol cars. He made a few jokes with me and definitely brightened my day. Once we got back to my car, he taught me how to set up the gas can and we put the gas in my car. Before Castalioni sent me on my way, he reassured me that my day would be much better now. He sent me home with a strong hand shake and a smile. He was right, the rest of my day went fantastic! Trooper Castalioni from the Catskill Barracks in New York Troop F is the best man you’d want to meet on the road to help you. I sent him a thank you note the very next day, cops have always been on the highest respect rank for me, and they’re so under appreciated at times. I wanted to make sure Trooper Castalioni knew how thankful I was towards him, and that he’s a prime example of why I want to be a New York State Trooper in a few short years!


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