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Chief: Holliston Should Consider K9

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Ashland K-9 "Dax" and handler Officer Chris Alberini have been called on in the past by Holliston police when the need for a police dog arises. Holliston Police Chief John Moore believes the town could benefit from having its own trained canine. Credit Courtesy, Ashland Police Department

Over the past decade, Holliston police have encountered more than 150 situations where the services of a police dog may have helped solve a crime or keep officers safer.

Currently, Holliston relies on the services of K9 units in other communities, including Ashland and Bellingham, or the Massachusetts State Police, or goes without. Police Chief John Moore sees a lot of good reasons for changing that.

“I’ve studied this and I think it’s a good investment for the town,” Moore told the Board of Selectmen Tuesday night as he presented a proposal prepared with the help of Detective David Gatchell.

Dogs can be used in a number of situations, Moore said, including recovery of evidence, assisting with arrests and in building and car searches. They also can have a deterrent effect, be a positive tool for community relations and can be used to avoid putting officers in harm’s way.



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