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How to remain a valued SWAT team member

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During the course of our law enforcement career we begin at some point to develop an interest in SWAT. For some this feeling is present the day we are sworn to our position. For others, the feeling begins to grow a bit slower but soon reaches that same level, that level that makes or steers our career toward the desire to some day be titled “the best of the best.”

With this desire soon comes the hard work and dedication needed to reach that goal. The work activity, the positive six or twelve month personnel evaluations and all the positive contributions made during the evaluation process raise our hopes that some day we will be selected for SWAT. Not because in some administrators view it was our turn like children taking turns playing on the swing at the playground. But because, and I think an old commercial puts it so clearly, “You did it the old fashioned way-you earned it!” Nation wide less than one percent (1%) of all law enforcement officers is selected for SWAT.



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