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Dog survives 40 minutes in the sea two miles out from shore before rescue

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A two-year-old German shepherd is lucky to be alive after leaping into Jamaica Bay and wading in waters for 40 minutes before being rescued.

Irina Frid was reunited with her dog Charlie, after he was retrieved two miles off the coast of Brighton Beach by heroic harbour officers Benjamin Reiver and Edward Carr on Monday night.

Ms Frid, who watched the young pooch bob in the water in horror, said miraculously the dog was not injured.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2019065/Dog-survives-40-minutes-sea-miles-shore-rescue.html#ixzz1TY3kSYJz



  1. Great rescue! Ironically, at the same time this story came out our local English language paper here in Cabo, the Gringo Gazette, had as its cover photo a GSD swimming happily in the water here.

    Steffi had this to say: “I could swim for 40 minutes if my mom would put down the #$%&&$#$ cigarettes long enough. She can only handle it for 20 minutes!!! And even knowing how much I like black-faced German Shepherds, she hasn’t even bothered to track this hotty down for beachside play dates!!!”

  2. Rebecca, as an aside, I have tried to get Steffi to stop using exclamation points in her posts. No luck, but at least she’s barking in all caps any more.

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