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Murder City: The secret life of a Detroit cop

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Author’s note: Sgt. Mike Martel, a Detroit homicide detective, died after he lost control of his motorcycle this month and hit a telephone pole. Martel is survived by a wife and two sons.

Martel donated his life in service of the ordinary citizen. Martel worked more than a hundred murder cases in his six years on the homicide squad. A cop like Martel is never off-duty. Here is a story about Martel excerpted from my upcoming book “DETROIT: An American Autopsy.”

Detroit – It’s a bad thing sometimes to give your number to cops because cops like to ruin your sleep. One evening, Detroit homicide detective Sgt. Mike Martel called me while I was curled up on the couch. He said he had a scene I might be interested in. I slid my trousers on and drove to the southwest side.

There was a doctor there who had his Mercedes Benz ruined by his brains splattered all over the leather interior.


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