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I’ve read a lot of police officer blogs over the years, and I have to say that hands down, in my opinion SGT Says is the very best.

He doesn’t try to wow people with flashy posts like  “wait till I tell you what happened to ME last night!” type stories.  He doesn’t us foul language to “impress” readers. And he stray from the topic at hand–officers and their jobs.

He stays true to what he’s writing and he offers insights that I’m sure help officers in their job. He’s pointed out a lot of things that I’ve seen officers do–but didn’t know why they did it–and his explanations make a lot of sense to us non-LEO’s. He always answers the comments he gets, which tells me he appreciates his readers, and that is a big plus in my book since a lot of LEO writers either ignore posters or try to out-snark them.

I don’t know him as an officer, but I’m betting he comes across as professional and intelligent because that’s exactly how he comes across on his blog.

PositiveLEO says “read SGT Says“!


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