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Red Guide to Recovery Launches Mobile App for Disaster Survivors

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San Diego, CA—June 14, 2011— In the wake of all the recent natural disasters, ranging from tornados and floods to wildfires and earthquakes, Sean Scott, the author of The Red Guide to Recovery – Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors, today announced the launch of a unique disaster recovery mobile app designed to help anyone who has or potentially could go through a catastrophic event.

 Now available at the Apple App Store, The Red Guide to Recovery is the first comprehensive post disaster recovery app designed for the iPhone or iPad.  Filled with at-your-fingertips information, the app enables people to be prepared in the event of an emergency and to have easy hand-held access to a full spectrum of recovery-related resources after a disaster.

 “In the aftermath of a disaster, most people feel overwhelmed as to what steps to take next,” said Scott. “Too often, crucial mistakes are made that can have serious long term effects.   The Red Guide to Recovery gives disaster survivors the tools they need and raises awareness of disaster scams, safety issues, hazardous material concerns, handling of personal property inventories, dealing with contractors, interacting with insurance adjusters, and so much more.  The Red Guide to Recovery was created to assist disaster survivors by making available a single source of pertinent user-friendly recovery information that expedites the recovery and rebuilding process.”

 The app, like the book it was inspired by, compiles Scott’s 30-plus years of construction and disaster restoration experience coupled with exhaustive research on resources and information from relief organizations and Government agencies such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, FEMA, the SBA, and numerous public safety and post-disaster professionals.

 Endorsed by the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services, the American Red Cross, and the San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, the original, award-winning printed version of The Red Guide is now available as a bulk-order item to municipalities, fire departments, emergency management agencies, and even companies proactively concerned with maintaining business continuity.

 “Creating this app has truly been a labor of love,” added Scott.  “It is extremely rewarding to be able to arm people with such a potent recovery tool and assist the first responders.  Thanks to mobile technology, the book that has helped so many is now available in seconds to anyone, anywhere who needs it.  Our goal now is to work with local, state, and Federal government agencies to obtain funding and/or partner with corporate sponsors who may be willing to purchase quantities of the guide on behalf of their communities”

 Scott added that beyond helping people and providing first responders with valuable information, he hopes that forward–thinking businesses will adopt the Guide and app – not just as a preventive measure, but also to aid their employees at home while protecting the continuity and resiliency of their workforce.  

 For more information on The Red Guide to Recovery, visit The Red Guide’s interactive, constantly updated website, at www.TheRedGuideToRecovery.com


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