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Taz there when duty calls

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Like most other dogs, he gleefully romps around in circles to burn off energy and gloms onto worn tennis balls to chew for fun.

That is where the similarities end, though. When he’s working, K-9 Taz is all business, tracking people, primarily criminals and runaways, and detecting hidden illegal drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, methadone and heroin.



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  1. I’m curious about how Taz’s name is pronounced.The guess is obvious, and even if my pronunciation guess is wrong, the origen of the name is clear and is an example of negative, macho LEO, i.e, TAZer, and is not an example of positive LEO IMO.

    And why the heck don’t K-9 funds ever seem to come out of the general police budgets, but instead get extra funding via sympathetic begging from the canine-loving public? Why not determine all police budgets via public fundraising events?

    Probably cuz dogs don’t belong to budget- bankrupting, taxpayer-theiving government unions. I say no more money should be donated until police agencies provide full disclosure on their forfeiture slush funds.

    Steffi says: “Make dogs a line item on the budgets!”

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