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Police Dogs Sniff Out Crime

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Chico Police Officer Jeff Durkin was on patrol with his German Shepherd, Ray, on Feb. 15 when a call came through of a man waving his machete at pedestrians.

Ray gets restless when pulling up to a crime scene, and starts barking eagerly in the back seat of the squad car, Durkin said. He doesn’t understand how Ray knows when it’s time to get to work, but every time a situation arises, Ray is ready.

As it turned out, the machete-carrying suspect wasn’t ready for Ray. The man took off through the neighborhood’s adjoining backyards when Durkin and his 85-pound canine showed up, Durkin said. The officer set up a perimeter and made a loud announcement, yelling to anyone in the vicinity that his friend, and partner, Ray was on the way.



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