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Helping SWAT Team Officers Cop Off

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There’s something so very wrong and yet so very funny about the title of this article…

BTW, I always have this question when I hear that someone is “too busy to meet” someone…if you’re sooo busy that you can’t even meet them, how are you going to have time to create a life together?!


Police chiefs in China have set up a matchmaking service for single SWAT-team officers who are too busy to meet partners.

Posters showing photos of the 54 male and female special forces officers sprung up outside a police station in the capital Beijing along with catalogues listing their likes and dislikes.

“About 5,000 people visited the police station when we launched it so it has already been a big success,” said a police spokesman.

“Special officers train all the time and have very dangerous, tough duties which leave them no time to socialise.

“And unlike ordinary police they don’t meet nice, regular people in the line of duty, just very dangerous criminals,” they added.

Courtesy of Orange.co


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