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New knees kept K-9 on job

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St. Joseph County police Cpl. Neil Hoover and his K-9 partner, Beni, kneel off-duty outside their home in Mishawaka. (South Bend Tribune Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN / March 24, 2011)

The despondent man had phoned his family to say he was going to end it all, and St. Joseph County police were racing the clock to get to the potential suicide before it was too late.

Electronic coordinates showed his cell phone in the woods behind Granger Community Church in Mishawaka.

Beni knew better.

“As we were walking down next to the church, Beni already started picking up something,” said Cpl. Neil Hoover of the St. Joseph County Police Department’s K-9 Unit.

“He was already starting to pull me. I kept watching the woods because I was waiting for Beni to turn up into the woods.”

Beni wasn’t headed for the woods. The K-9 was tracking a scent to a clearing next to the lake.



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