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Man’s Best Friend, From Dog to K-9

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State police in Huntington are mourning the loss of one of their K-9s killed in the line of duty. The dog was fatally shot during a 10-hour standoff, but saved the life of a trooper.

Once a K-9 is fully trained and ready for duty, they spend every second with their handler, even go home with them, to help develop that very important relationship and bond. So when one is hurt or killed, it’s like losing a partner.

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“A dog’s number one tool is its sense of smell,” says Sergeant Ron Arthur, director of the West Virginia State Police K-9 Unit. “Its number one usefulness is as a locator.”

That is why K-9s are used in so many different ways to assist police whether it be for a narcotic bust or tracking a missing person.

Sergeant Ron Arthur says from day one of training he develops a very special bond with the dogs.

“Every dog I’ve worked with I feel like is my partner,” says Sgt. Arthur.



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