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Canine cops ‘get the job done’

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Police officers come in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colors. Some even come with four legs, cold noses, and a tendency to lick their partners.

The Pct. 4 Constable’s K-9 division is supervised by Lt. Kenneth Key. Under his command are three patrol and narcotic dogs and three Deputy K-9 handlers: Deputy James Glaze and Cir; Deputy Ted Dahlin and Croso; and Deputy Greg Thomason and Bohdy.

Constable Ron Hickman said he is proud to have K-9 officers that get the job done.




  1. This “job” is nothing other than a money wasting “war” that’s been a 30-year failure and has no definition of winning. Kinda like Iraq, but even more costly. Fido finds a bag of dope, that dealer is out and two days later the drug user buys it from someone else. And on and on it goes.

    Welcome back.

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