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Sheriff reconnects with rural areas

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Driving along rural roads on a sunny morning, Sheriff Reggie Mason waves to drivers and points out houses of friends and colleagues he has known for years. Surveying remote parts of the county and encouraging his deputies to do the same is one facet of the new sheriff.

Since taking office, Mason has tried to make trips throughout the county once a week, driving roads he has patrolled for years and reacquainting himself with the ins and outs of Worcester County.

“I never thought I would see the county grow like this,” said Mason, who grew up in Pocomoke City and started off his career as an Ocean City patrolman.

Reconnecting with rural residents, however, isn’t the only change that has been made. Mason has enacted a policy requiring all new deputies to live in the county if they want a take-home patrol car.

He said all previous employees will be grandfathered in, citing the cost of living in Worcester County versus other local counties.

“They couldn’t afford to get a home here,” Mason said about his current officers, adding that if something happens and he needs his criminal investigators or SWAT team, he does not want them to have to drive to Snow Hill, pick up a car and then drive to where they are needed.



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