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Sebring police’s K9 team passes drug certification

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Illegal drug peddlers and drug users beware: the city of Sebring Police Department now has a K9 team narcotics certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association, which reportedly is the most difficult certification to get.

Sebring Police K9 Patrol Officer John Garrison and K9 partner J.R., a black German shepherd dog imported from Germany, recently received certification and training to alert to methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and crack and powder cocaine.

J.R. received his official name in honor of Sebring Police Sgt. Jimmie R. Moore, who died in the line of duty in 1976 when his car tire blew out at or near the intersection of U.S. 27 and Howey Road, now known as Flare Road.

“We just got our narcotics certificate in the mail today,” he said Monday. “We’re definitely proud of it.”

He may even alert to some newer drugs like Ecstasy.




  1. What’s the nanny state coming to when even dogs need to be drug tested? I hear most union contracts prohibit cops from getting tested. Does this also apply to K-9s?

    I prefer chicken to drugs. In fact, chicken is my drug of choice.

    —-Steffi Q.

  2. OMG – another one with a black face. I might go on hormone therapy.

  3. Is John in a Halloween costume, or is that really a haircut?

    —– Steffi Q.
    (PS- It might look good on a poodle).

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