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Top 10: K-9 cops earn their badges

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Work did more than follow officer Miguel Riccio home this year. It loved him unconditionally, nuzzled its way into his heart and quickly became a special member of his family.

Inca, an Argentinean Mastiff who serves as the Massillon Police Department’s top K-9 Cop, has become Riccio’s best friend at work and at home. The pooch has become a special part of Riccio’s family and they can hardly imagine life without him.

“He sleeps with me and my wife,” Riccio said with a laugh. “I didn’t even let my kids do that. Me and Inca, though, we are real close. It’s like that love you have for your mom and your dad and your family, but all wrapped into one.”

Inca has won more than just Riccio’s heart. The entire department has fallen in love with the big, white pup that wearing the Massillon Police badge.

“All of the officers give him big hugs,” Riccio said. “There are times where he has literally saved our lives.”



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