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Holbrook police raising money for K-9

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The Holbrook Police Department will have a young, furry, strong, and well-trained addition to its roster if fundraising continues to be successful.

The Holbrook Patrolmen’s Association, N.E.P.B.A. Local# 88, in conjunction with Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti and Police Chief William Marble, Jr., has established a Police K-9 Program for the town.

In order to fund the program, Holbrook Police Union President Officer John P. Kearney started the H.P.D. K-9 Fund to be able to purchase a German Shepherd as well as provide funding for veterinary care, provisions, equipment, and training gear for the dog.

For the past couple of years, Kearney has discussed getting a K-9 for the department but knew that the town’s fiscal budget would not be able to accommodate such a request.

He mentioned how he wanted a K-9 for Holbrook to Bellotti, who offered a police cruiser suited for a K-9.



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