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Flint Township officer, K-9 retiring at year’s end

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Sergeant David Stone recalls one cold winter night in December 2005 trudging through a snow-covered graveyard.

“It’s the one I remember the most, and it didn’t have to do with any crimes or anything,” said Stone. “The officer found a vehicle up off Pasadena. He started following a trail and working the cemetery area.”

Stone and his K-9 partner Ken found a man in his 80s, lying in the snow disoriented but alive in the Flint Cemetery.

“The doctor said he would have died if we hadn’t have found him,” Stone said. “I will always remember that.”

Police Chief George Sippert pointed at Stone’s love for his job that prompted him to work with a K-9 unit the last decade of a 25-year career with the Flint Township Police Department.

“I think the K-9 program was very important to Sgt. Stone. It takes a lot of time and effort put into it,” said Sippert. “Being a K-9 handler is a job he really loved.”

Stone will retire Dec. 30 and his companion of two-and-a-half years, Bac, will follow him into retirement at five years old.



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