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New York State Police to begin using Tasers

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The New York State Police will now be using a less-lethal safety tool that troopers will have available when confronting violent individuals.

State Police recently completed training in the use of Taser Electronic Control Devices and earlier this month troopers began a pilot program with some troopers carrying ECDs during each shift.

This safety equipment consists of 142 Taser model X-26 ECD units obtained through funding from the New York State Trooper Foundation.

Under the pilot program, a few troopers in each patrol area will have an ECD unit to assist other troopers in their area in the event of a violent or escalating confrontation.

Extensive testing and scrutiny, medical experts and independent governmental reports have concluded ECDs are among the safer use-of-force alternatives to subdue violent individuals who could harm law enforcement officers, innocent citizens or themselves.



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