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Kids, cops and Christmas

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Normally police sirens mean anything but Christmas cheer, Santa’s coming or joyous anything. Hardly ever ho, ho, ho. But Christmas cheer it was Saturday in Weber and Davis counties as police officers took underprivileged kids shopping.

(ANTHONY SOUFFLE/Standard-Examiner) After arriving in a helicopter, Santa waves to children during the annual Shop with a Cop event at the Walmart in Riverdale.Image 2 of 2

In Roy, 45 patrol cars fired up lights and sirens around 6 a.m. to take their charges to the Walmart in Riverdale for a shopping binge after finishing breakfast at the Village Inn in Roy.

In Davis County, it was nearly 50 police cars, paramedics, highway patrol and sheriff cars, all with lights flashing and sirens blaring as they drove along Parrish Lane in Centerville en route to Walmart from breakfast at Texas Roadhouse.

Each patrol car carried elementary school-age children participating in the Shop With a Cop program sponsored by the Davis County Fraternal Order of Police.’




  1. brittany archbol says:

    I love these programs you.do i was wondering how i can get my daughter sighned up she would love thisSHE IS 15 month

  2. brittany archbol says:

    Please pick gwr she would loveit shs 15 month

  3. PositiveLeo says:

    I’m not sure, Brittany, but I think most of these programs require you to register your child first so you need to contact the Davis County Fraternal Order of Police

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