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Ten KC police officers praised

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Helping residents overcome mental health issues isn’t among the usual duties assigned to police officers.

But after Kansas City police were called to an older couple’s home in the Northland 10 times in five months this year, Officers J.D. Pettey and Philip Sipple made it their business to get to the root of the problem.

They wondered if the man, who was drunk when they were called to the house, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. He had served in the military in World War II. The home was packed with items, including 15 car jacks and 100 small flashlights.

Pettey and Sipple worked on-duty and off-duty to enroll the husband in a support group at a VA hospital and link his wife with the Department of Aging, which offered discounted groceries and free help for her hoarding problem. The officers helped clear a half-ton of items for recycling from the couple’s property, sold the material and gave the proceeds to the couple. The officers also enlisted the couple’s former church to help with the couple’s continuing needs.

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/11/30/2487622/10-kc-police-officers-praised.html#ixzz17lHFpCTT


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