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Collierville policeman returns, in spite of dire predictions

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When I read article titles like this, I often wonder if the newspaper is guilty of bad writing or if it’s short on space? “Colliverville policeman returns….” Returns where? To Collierville? Returns what? Underwear without a receipt? For pete freaking sake, “Collierville Policeman RETURNS TO THE FORCE”…”RETURNS TO HIS JOB”…geez. How hard is that?

Regardless of the incomplete title, I’m glad he’s RETURNED TO THE P.D.


Photo by Nikki Boertman // Buy this photo Collierville police officer Edgar Morris (right) visits with fellow officers as he prepares for his shift by checking out a rifle with officer Ryan Dunn. Morris is happy to be back at work after recovering from an April motorcycle accident that nearly took his life.

Forgive Collierville Police Officer Edgar Morris if he seems a little stiff getting out of the patrol car that’s he’s been sitting in for too long.

Pay no mind to that scar under his left eye.

About six months ago, some didn’t believe Morris would live, let alone take back his job on the force as a patrol officer.

The 27-year-old who joined the department five years ago was on his way to work on April 5, a sunny day, riding his Kawasaki 1600 motorcycle. It took him about an hour from his home in Ripley, Tenn., to get to Collierville for roll call at 2:45 p.m.

A Mack truck turned in front of him and the motorcycle slammed into it. It crumpled like wadded-up paper.



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