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Meet King — First Four-legged Member of the Police Department

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Look at that expression! He means business!

El Cerrito police will cross a historic frontier Monday night when they pin a badge on their first non-human member of the department.

The newest recruit, King, is a two-year-old German shepherd, but he’s no ordinary police dog. He boasts an international background, having been born and raised in Germany, and he’s unusually friendly, unless you get on his bad side.

“He’s very social,” said his handler, Officer Aaron Leone. “He loves to be petted. But he can be very, very aggressive, as I’ve seen in training.”

Listed on the roster as “K-9 Officer King,” he went on active duty on Nov. 5, after about a month of special training with El Cerrito police, but his official debut comes with his badge-pinning ceremony at Monday night’s city council meeting.



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  1. So now you’re putting up XXX porn on your site without any warning to the public.

    Steffi got on the computer before I could stop her. Needless to say, she’s now completely out of control about this Hott Cop. Holy cow! I’ve got paw scratches all over the screen.

    And BTW, because Steffi is dumber than a bag of rocks, she thinks this 100 yard stare is directed at her!

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