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Companies Give K-9 Cops To Cherry Hill

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Cherry Hill was a big police department forced to layoff officers this past June due to budget cuts.

But now the department is looking to other sources of revenue to fund public safety initiatives, like expanding the department’s k-9 unit.

On Wednesday, Cherry Hill added two new k-9 cops to the four it already had for use patrolling the township.

Subaru and NFI Industries, which are headquartered here, came forward with $20,000 to get the police department those new dogs.

They are being trained to sniff out drugs, work on patrol details and sniff out explosives in this sprawling town.




  1. Sniffing out drugs is a big waste of money. Why don’t we have a problem with criminals dealing in percocet and xanax? Cuz they’re legal and regulated via prescription. At most, these money tosses delay a drug addict for a day until he hooks up with his secondary dealer.

    These stupid laws are on the books via cop and prison hack unions and GOP sycophants for so-called “law and order.”

    I did like the real positive part of the post about the budget cuts. I love to read about cuts to government budgets.

  2. PositiveLeo says:

    Criminals DO deal in Xanax.

  3. And only because of the limits via prescription regulation. It would be less if it were less regulated, and of course if it were completely illegal it would be major league dealing.

    The main point is that just like alcohol prohibition, the war on drugs is a failure. Besides not doing much of anything to cut down on the supply of drugs, it fosters and entire criminal industry. And each little bust, or even big bust, really doesn’t do much of anything.

  4. PositiveLeo says:

    So let’s just sit back and let the drug dealers take over like they’re doing in Mexico, right?

  5. No, the opposite. Decriminalization would put them out of business, just like eliminating prohibition did for booze bootleggers and smugglers.

    Plenty of conservatives, such as the late William F. Buckley, hold the same point of view.

    Mexico’s drug dealer problem is driven by US demand. And a huge percentage of it is for pot.

    What’s funny is that drug usage here in Mexico (Cabo)is very low, though small amounts of possesion has been decriminalized for all drugs for about two years. From what I’ve read and from what I’ve seen first hand, that law change did not result in an increase in use.

    So basically I think positing that you either have the failed war on drugs or a surrender to the drug lords is one big erroneous strawman argument. We’ve spent a trillion on it. But, heck, it creates high paying jobs for high school grads, so it must be great.

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