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State Trooper from the Northwoods Honored

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TrooperBryanWrychaA Wisconsin State Trooper from the Northwoods has been honored for his work on the job.

Trooper Bryan Wrycha of Tomahawk received a Lifesaving Award from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Wrycha was nominated for his efforts to save a man in February of 2009.

Wrycha was on duty in the Town of Crescent when he heard on his radio a man had collapsed in his home.

Trooper Wrycha says he was the first to reposnd to the call and helped the man’s wife and son while they gave CPR.

“It’s nice that the agency recognizes the troopers and inspectors that do this kind of stuff, not every agency might do that, but I think the true credit goes to the family of the man who stayed with him and continued giving him cpr that whole time,” says Wrycha.

Trooper Wrycha says he was able to help keep the man alive until the Oneida County Ambulance and Crescent Rescue Services arrived.

He says the man passed away en route to the hospital.

Wrycha was honored with other state troopers at an awards ceremony earlier this month.


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