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Hamburg gets it’s first K-9 team

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Derek Gee/Buffalo News Town of Hamburg Police Officer Nick Borowski and partner Endy, a German shepherd from Hungary.

Derek Gee/Buffalo News Town of Hamburg Police Officer Nick Borowski and partner Endy, a German shepherd from Hungary.

The newest addition to the Hamburg Police Department is still getting used to the patrol vehicle and isn’t officially on the force yet, but when 3 o’clock rolls around, he’s itching to get going.

Like many of his counterparts in other police departments, he’s from Eastern Europe, and he responds best to the German language.

Endy, an 18-month-old German shepherd, will be on duty after he and his handler, Officer Nick Borowski, pass a certification test later this month.

“It’s a great tool for law enforcement,” Chief Carmen Kesner said.

He said that the dog was purchased using drug seizure funds and that training also is being paid for through drug seizures. The $6,500 dog was born in Hungary, Borowski said. The town is contracting with Police Service Dogs of Western New York to train Borowski and Endy.

Every day they work with Russ Medina, a K-9 officer in the Buffalo Police Department, who teaches them how to work together.

“A lot of it’s new to me. I think I’m the one being trained,” Borowski said.

He said that when he heard Kesner wanted a dog for the department, he contacted the chief and told him why it was a good idea and why he should head the unit.

Endy has been trained in sniffing out narcotics, tracking, conducting building searches, officer protection and crowd control.

Police say that there are drugs coming into the town and through the town and that having the trained dog will help detect them.

Endy also will be another way for police to reach out to the community at various events.

At night, Borowski takes Endy home, where he relaxes and plays with Gunner, Borowski’s 18- month-old boxer.

“When he’s home, he’s goofing around, acting like a kid,” Borowski said. “We’ve been bringing him in the car, getting him used to it. At 3 o’clock every day he starts to whine and cry.”

Purina donated dog food, Lads donated a crate, and Sewing Technology is donating a bulletproof vest for Endy.

He joins other specialized units in Hamburg, such as the underwater rescue team, SWAT team, wave runners for Lake Erie during the summer and the motorcycle unit.


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