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Way to go, Lt. Paul Barbour!!

As a grown woman who can’t sleep soundly without a 100 pound Lab at her bedside, I know how these girls feel!

The world can be a scary place, especially for a small child.

11-year-old Aubrey Craig said, “There are so many bad things out there and you never know what can happen to you.”

Aubrey and her nine-year old sibling, Ava, have been having trouble sleeping lately. The nightmares that have caused many restless nights in the Craig household.

Mom, Kaycie said, “They’re just scared about life in general.”

The Craigs’ have tried to ease their children’s fears, including a nightly safety check of their Edmond home.

Mrs Craig told us, “We started a process where we would get her up before bedtime and go door to door and window to window to show she’s safe and everything is locked and we live in a safe town and community.”

But more times than not, little Ava would end up on her parent’s bedroom floor, in tears.

Lt. Paul Barbour is a 29-year veteran of the Edmond Police Department, but he’s also a parent.


Sandy Marcal, “America Strong”

Since August of 2009 over 550 law enforcement dogs in 38 states have received donated  ballistic vests through the Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. program.  No K9 has been turned away. Each vest costs $950.
Meet Vested Interest in K9′s founder, Sandy Marcal who was recently featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.  Her goal is to vest every K9 in the United States and that’s what makes her “America Strong”.
Over 30,000 working dogs are in the United States. With your help we can continue in our mission of protecting those who protect us.  Tax deductible donations graciously accepted.

Melbourne police issue lotto tickets during Christmas traffic stops


melbournepdMotorists caught speeding to grandma’s house in Melbourne were greeted with a bittersweet Christmas Day surprise as officers doled out warnings and tickets alongside scratch-off lottery games.



humor_police officer

Police Officer of the Year’s Heroics Caught on Dashcam

A Pennsylvania State Trooper has received one of the highest awards in law enforcement for the actions he took to stop a man who launched a deadly rampage last December, and ABC News has exclusively obtained the unedited footage from the dash-cam that was installed in the trooper’s police cruiser.

It’s a rare glimpse into the moments when police engage an active shooter, and put their own lives on the line to potentially save others.

On the morning of Dec. 21, 2012, an unemployed, former trucker allegedly walked into a church in Frankstown Township, Pa., and opened fire on a woman decorating the building’s walls for a children’s Christmas party. The man, Jeffrey Lee Michael, then allegedly killed two others away from the church.



Cop who bought shoplifter groceries: ‘I could relate’

BRAVO, Officer Thomas!!!


The Florida police officer who bought groceries for a shoplifter and her children says she did it “just because I needed to.”

“She touched me,” Miami-Dade Police Officer Vicki Thomas said Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“I could relate,” Thomas said. “I was a single mom and, without the help of my family, that could have been me.”


could this school BE a tad more hypocritical?!

Rest assured if there was a shooter at the school, the school administration would be the FIRST ONES asking this officer to show up in his uniform WITH HIS GUN.  And are the parents at this school so short sighted that they don’t see the plus side of having an armed officer in their presence?! I did have to laugh at how the school said they “didn’t mean to offend” the officer. Nothing like insulting a public servant who is just doing his job as a police officer AND AS A FATHER.


A police officer who dropped off his daughter at her Phoenix elementary school was asked by the school’s principal not to wear his uniform to the school because other parents were concerned that he was carrying a gun, reported.

Scott Urkov is a police officer for the Coolidge Police Department. The department told him not to comment to media inquiries, but immediately after he received the no-uniform request, he posted on Facebook.





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